Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement Surgeon specialising in Hip & Knee Replacement


  • Ranawat Orthopedic Center,
    Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, USA
    Chairman: Dr. C. S. Ranawat

  • John Charnley Research Institute,
    Wrightington, UK
    Chairman: Prof. B. M. Wroblewski

  • AO International Fellow,
    Nottingham, UK
    Chairman: Mr. Paul Szypryt

  • APOA Fellow,
    Kyoto Univ., Japan
    Chairman: Prof. Takashi Nakamura

  • Advanced Trauma Fellow,
    Germany, Switz.
    Chairman: Prof. U. Holz, Prof. O. Trentz

  • Tumour Reconstruction Fellow,
    AKH, Vienna, Austria
    Chairman: Prof. Rainer Kotz

  • Robert Roaf Fellow,
    Indian Ortho. Association

All you wanted to know about Hip Replacement

The hip joint is a ' ball and socket' joint. The hip joint allows movement to occur between the thigh bone (Femur), and the hip bone (Pelvis). The pelvis contains the 'socket' called the acetabulum... More

All you wanted to know about Knee Replacement

The knee joint is among the strongest, largest and most complex joints of the body. Whenever you walk, sit, squat, turn around, drive or perform many other seemingly simple movements... More

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