Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement Surgeon specialising in Hip & Knee Replacement

Profile: Dr. S. S. Mohanty


Dr. S. S. Mohanty started his interest in Joint Replacement Surgery in 1994 to allay the sufferings of crippled and deformed patients due to arthritis and has performed more than 1000 joint replacements within last 11 years. He has been trained initially at the Centre for Hip Surgery, Wrightington Hospital (UK), where the world's first joint replacement surgery was performed way back in 1962.

He worked for more than a year under the able guidance of Prof. Wroblewski and Mr. Peter Kay. He completed his FRCS from the University of Edinburgh during this period.

Then he moved to the Lenox Hill hospital, New York, USA. There he was trained under Dr. C. S. Ranawat, MD, who is a pioneer and designer of world's first successful artificial knee. There he undertook a research work, which was adjudged as the most outstanding clinical knee paper by Knee Society (AAHKS) and awarded James A. Rand award. He is the only Indian to receive this prestigious award until now.

After returning from abroad, he joined in a Special Joint Replacement unit at King Edward Memorial hospital and dedicated his services to the suffering humanity. In the meantime, he has visited Centres of Excellence in Germany, Switzerland, UK, and Austria and received awards by the World Orthopaedic Congress (SICOT), thrice at Sydney (Australia), San Diego (USA) and Istanbul (Turkey). His presentation in Haemophilic (a bleeding disorder) arthritis was considered as one of the best papers at San Diego congress.

Dr. Mohanty has a dedicated team of workers to take a complete care of patients' admission until full recovery.

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